Lady Anya al-Kahina

The group Exchequer reports to the Kingdom Exchequer and is responsible for:

  • Maintaining the group’s financial records.
  • Monitoring compliance with and enforcing financial policies set forth in Local Branch Financial Policy, Meridian Financial policy and the group’s financial policies.
  • Filing accurate and timely reports with the appropriate regional Exchequer and the group seneschal.
  • Serving as a member of the group’s Financial Committee.

She/He can be reach at the following Exchequer of Terminus Terrae at any time.

Listed below are the Policy Handbooks that govern the Office of the Exchequer. Due to the financial nature of funds, the misuse of them have very real world consequences.

Of all of the Offices in the SCA, this is probably the most important. And because of it, the most looked at and securitized more often than any other section.

Policy and Handbook

Kingdom Financial Policy

Kingdom of Meridies 2017 Consolidated Financial Report

Exchequer Handbook

PayPal Addendum to Financial Policy