Panhandle Skirmishes XXII

January 10-12, 2020

Co-Sponsored by the Shire of Terminus Terrae and Phoenix Glade

Join us as we repel the invaders from the East.

Bring your troops and help us to defend our lands and harbors from those that want to take over.


Lady Tescelina de la Tour

Pam Turner

4622 Bobolink Way

Crestview, Fl 32539

Due to work, I can only accept phone calls between, 4 pm to 8:30 pm, Central Time.


 Daytrip no feastWeekend no feast
Adult Reservation$25$30
SCA Member$20$25
Child (17 & under)FreeFree
Cabins (limit 5 per Meridies, 5 per Trimaris)$65 per nite$65 per nite
RV pads (need to confirm number of spots and cost)TBDTBD

***Non-Member surcharge of $5 is included in the cost for Reservations***

Per Kingdom Law, no child under the age of 17 will be charged an event admission, on-board (feast) and site fees may apply.  No family shall pay more than 3 adult member prices if the children are under 17 and all have family memberships.  Make checks payable to SCA/ Inc./Shire of Phoenix Glade.



Compass Lake in the Hills

645 Compass Lake Drive

Alford, FL  32420

The Osprey/Coastal Newcomers Fund will reimburse newcomers at Panhandle Skirmishes! If this will be your FIRST SCA event, hang onto your receipt (paper or PayPal) and bring it to THL Jessica of Osprey on Saturday afternoon for a cash reimbursement of your event fee! All proceeds from the fundraiser lunch (menu posted earlier) will benefit this endeavor, and additional donations are welcome (onsite or via PayPal to See you there!

Marshal Activities

Heavy Fighting

9am-Armor Inspection/authorizations
10 am -Field Battle
11:15 am -Regicide Battle
12:00 pm -Bridge Battle
1:15 pm- Res Battle w/archery kills allowed to res
2:15 pm- Charity Tourney for Hurricane Relief


Archery/Thrown Weapons

Royal Liaisons

Lady Anie of Phoenix Glade (Meridies)

Sir Brealthan de Raimes (Trimaris)

Hurricane Charity Relief Tournament

Hurricane Relief Charity 5 Human Melee tournament.

$10 a fighter, limit 5 per team.

Unlimited archers $10 an archer, anyone can sponsor!

Both Heavy and Rapier Scenarios.



Have wares that you want to sell.  Looking to get rid of that stash of fabric, notions, and oddities that are just laying around.  Come on out and set up a tent, or throw a blanket on the ground and layout your pretties.

No additional fees other than the site entrance fee.

For additional information please contact Lady Juliana verch Hoell at

Text or email preferred due to working hours.


Fundraiser Lunch

Lunch will be hosted by HL Jessica of Osprey.  All proceeds will be donated to the Newcomers Fund.

The fundraiser lunch at Panhandle Skirmishes will be an a-la-carte menu of hot dogs, chili, snacks/desserts, and drinks. Mix and match as you please! Proceeds benefit the Osprey/Coastal Newcomers Fund.

– Beef, Turkey, or Vegetarian Hot Dog: $1
– (add a scoop of chili: +$1)
– Bowl of Beef or Vegan Chili: $3
– Cold drink (bottled water, soda, or juice box), chips, desserts: $1 each or 3/$2

Hot dog/chili toppings available: ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, shredded cheese, chopped onions, jalapenos, pickle relish, hot sauce, sauerkraut

Allergen/diet info

All snacks/desserts will be commercially purchased, so you will be able to check the ingredients on the packages. The chili is homemade and ingredients lists will be available.

Vegetarian/vegan items:
– Vegan chili will be available
– Vegetarian hot dog brand TBD
– Buns do not contain dairy/whey
– Some snacks/desserts will be vegan

Gluten free items:
– The beef hot dogs are gluten free if eaten without a bun
– Both chilis are gluten free
– Some snacks/desserts will be gluten free

Allergies/dietary concerns:
– Both chilis contain onion and green bell pepper
– Neither chili contains jalapenos
– Both chilis will be served mild; hot sauce and jalapenos will be available to add if you want

Please contact THL Jessica of Osprey with any additional questions/concerns.

Children's Activites

  • 10 am – 12 pm
  • 12 pm – 1 pm  Lunch
  • 1 pm- 3 pm

**Children’s activities are being provided by Lady Dedrie Turner.**  If you have time and patience, I am sure that she would greatly appreciate any and all help.  

Have something that you would like to try and teach?  Kids are a great way to start.  I bet that Lady Dedrie would Love to have someone come in and teach the little ones about something that was done in period.

 Please remember, if you are bringing a child that is NOT yours, you MUST have the following documents filled out and notarized prior to arrival on site.
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